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Pricing Problem =[

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umm...guys, seems my head gasket need to replace, that means include the water pump and timing belt due to leaking and overheating problem...

this is my first time to own a car and its a st185...i quite shock the price of that jobs around 1k, which is a quarter of its original price...since i know nothing about car and pricing(sorry i am beginner), is 1k is the fair price for those jobs? i afraid the workshop man know that i am newbie and put a higher price.. thanks anyway =]

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steel head gaskets from fensport uk range from £120 to £192 , standard headgasket set ,which includes every gasket needed , but head gasket isnt steel - retails at £92 + vat . you really need a steel gasket , otherwise 1 day it will need doing again .

water pump = £93

timing belt set = £ 75

then theres syn Oil 5 litres = £30

oil filter = £5

new coolant red for life = £18 per 5 litres.

the rest is for a head skim and pressure test + labour charges . and anything else i didnt mention .

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