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Wind Noise


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Right, this is the worst thing about my car - the wind noise coming from the drivers side upper tweeter area thingy is really ****** me off.

I have noticed that when you open the door, if you look as if your trying to see the front offside wind (from inside the car) you can see some small gaps to the outside. Im wondering that this also lets the air in and makes the whistling noise....


I've already done the mirror mod and it really didnt make that much difference but, when i hold my hand over the tweeter cover, the noisse drops deramatically.

Anyone got any suggestions apart from driver the stupid car into a wall?

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Same problem on mine. Haven't had time to look at it yet, though I think expanding foam might do it, though you will have to take precautions such as ensuring you don't block off the screws to the mirror, and making sure the foam doesn't go everywhere....

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Yeah, used that link as a guide. Ive also packed it with cottom wool, and black silicone ******* so its all solid inside now!!!

Im going to drive it into a wall sideways aiming for the trouble area - that should sort it.

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