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Rattle Noise

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i drove a 3 similar yaris TS (2005) that suffers the same annoying noise when reaching about 3500 rpm.

it sounds like it comes from a plastic part around the front left speaker but i cant seem to find it.

i saw this thread:

but, there is no pictures, and the noise realy sounds from inside the car, not from outside.

does anyone has any idea?

tnx a lot in advance


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Pop out the passenger speaker grill in the dash, now where the dash plastic meets the A-pillar plastic there is a lip, if you tap the bottom of the A-pillar it taps against this lip, a small piece of foam can be slid in the gap to stop this.

Secondly if the rattle is metal sounding, in the same location, unscrew the speaker and carefully remove it. Then if you look inside the gap, there are screws holding the dash to the front of the car. These come loose over time so tighten every screw you can see through the gap, also tighten the speaker screws when you replace the speaker.

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Tnx for your answer.

First i forgot to say that my car is a left hand drive, so the noise is on the steering wheel side.

Before taping the foam i drove the car without the A-pillar plastic and the noise was still there.

The sound is not metal, its like i have a bee buzzing in the car...

Do you have any more idea?

Maybe from the AC round output?

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