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'96 Cynos 1.3 Performance

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Hi all,

I'm interested in buying a 96 Cynos 1.3L but i'm wondering if anyone knows what the car is like to drive and what the acceleration time and top speed and handling is like. I can seem to find plenty of info on the 1.5 version but little on the 1.3 so any info would be greatly appreciated.



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the 96 Cynos A's would have the 4e-fe

88bhp @ 5600rpm which is a bit of a drop on the 2nd gen UK spec 'seo's

ive got the Cynos B & enjoy driving her alot - solid handling & fairly nippy with 110bhp.

basic handling should be the same for the A & you always have the option of turboing the 4efte at a later date :lol: (130bhp from a standard 4efte)


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hi brian,

i've had a 98 cynos 1.3 for over 3 years, fantastic car :D , very economical, about 48mpg and very quick too, parts are not that hard to get, usually the corolla parts will fit, the same engine type (4efe)

go to


for all the spec on the 1.3 cynos

:thumbsup: but the lads here will tell you most of what u want to know

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ah yes, much like the gf you are niaeve :). (sp)

you launch, @ 4k revs (higher revs for more torque)

I launch, @ 2.2K Revs (my max torque)

you COULD tap the accel to fast, causing you to lose traction, casing you to lose accel

id floor it the second id have the chance, since my car is 4wd, i really dont care, i wont lose traction :)

you hit 4k revs, your engine starts to really work,

i hit 4k revs, by now my turbo is fully spooling running the most boost it can handle.

the second i hit that mark :) your dead lol. you have to change @ 6.4k revs to get the max hp out of each gear, i need to change @ 5.2, results in me being able to accel much quicker than waiting for the revs to rise so high.

this is just theroy too btw ^_^.

then cozmo chucks his ej20 in, and has around 160Hp :) chucks in a new turbo, 180Hp, port and polish, 190Hp, exaust, 195. New sparks and some tuning, 200-210Hp. in a car ment for 115 isnt bad (much like the seo), cept for the fact, the turbo is gonna fuxing rip @ 16Psi :)

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