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Engine Swap

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Needs custom everything. Nothing fits at all. The wiring came out the MR2 basically as a unit without disconnecting from engine so I expect to just drill a hole in an area reasonable to relocate the ecu. I'll be using the MR2 transmission so I must relocate the shifter linkage. I plan to disassemble the CV axles and shorten the shafts myself. Front spindles have to be replaced with celica parts and that's not a simple bolt in either. Then the fronts become 5 lug and the strut mounts change...

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While this is true, the 4efte will be under loads of pressure to make 300hp, the 3sgte is barely modded. I see less problems from this setup once done.


3sgte in a paseo - :drool::drool::drool:

checks bank account - noooooooooooooooooooooo :crybaby::crybaby:


isnt that 2.0L? Doubt it will fit :S ud be lucky to get a 1.8L In a cynos

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sorry guys off topic. COz, i jus noticed on ur sig that you have a 1.8T pushing only 115hp... how can this be make, i thought most N/A 1.8s would prduce that sort of power, yours is blown too...? just wondering...

oh and no idea bout the original q

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