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Dash Lighting Change

Paul Mack

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On 7/14/2010 at 11:19 PM, Speed_Chaser said:

Yea it can be done. You'll just have to do some soldering to replace the LEDs. It is also possible to change the colour of the two round displays in the middle of your speedo and rev meter. I do have a guide in Japanese, which is translated using google translate. It is not very clear and does not contain all the steps, but is surely helpful. I will post it later on when I'll have time to upload the pics. Here's something for starters:

LEDs and the displays still in place


Display connectors cutted to replace the LED backlightning and then soldered back


End result


LEDs on the dashboard


Result after replacing




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On 7/25/2010 at 8:43 PM, Speed_Chaser said:

So, here is the guide I promised to post. Sorry for the delay, I've been quite busy lately. Been modding my lights and just came back from a spontanious trip.

I repeat that the guide is translated from Japanese using Google Translate. It is also collected from several different guides, but I'm sure it will still help you understand the process. Good luck to everyone who'll decide to try this. Post your comments and lots of pics when you'll get it done!!

Led replacement guide

LED replacement air conditioning


After seeing the other people are doing, and I wanted to challenge himself.

LED chip is 3528 (white) and 3020 (blue) and dust in Yafuoku the baggage.

Immediately, this was pretty tough back side panel Balazs conditioning.


This LED is the future replacement surgery the diseased persons


First it takes to remove the LCD panel (to replace the LED backlight) behind the 4-pin and 8-lead solder take overtaken so hard to stay on, cut with nippers in imitation of the capybara's white

I solder connections.


LED will not remove the photos that we provide enough for a secret weapon this time.

Rod made of copper, It is called a "tea Eru soldering iron removal from both sides at once warm,"

He sent me a job than expected.


3020 small portion of the LED lights (blue), otherwise, 3528 (white) I have to.

Ministry is the first I had a blue LCD, "I -" Nde was white.

Replacement of two air conditioning panel LED

Category: Miscellaneous "other" other

Working day: September 28, 2008


Il-a little dark so I tried to replace the LED.

3020 of previously 36mcd (on images)

3216 of this 276mcd (picture below)

The solder 3216 is very small, so you can see the brightness is different from numbers. (3020 is the cheap, they bought without worrying too much about the numbers ^ ^;)



After replacing the front lower exchange


Modified LED lighting strike meter (The Blue)

Categories: electrical systems "meter" mounting exchange

Purpose Maintenance and repair failures


Difficulty ★ ★

Work One hour

Work day: November 12, 2009


Picture is complete.

Wed voluptuously photographed, but little is actually true blue ^ ^

Is also a blue light when not part of the inner orange.


Ji is easily resolved if the needle.

Professorー's what I say come, and we dropped two techniques using the power of the book peel off liner

Says Professorーcome, thank you ~! ! !


Replacement of the LED is red paring gouge.

Red needles, so I'm glad I left, the center did not replace the four LED.

This is the octopus


The speed


The information display is complicated because the nails are out covering the red circle, then the LCD has a fixed four small nail to expand this board can take to remove the LCD and lighting.


Back to the six LED chips to replace the original. (Do not confuse the right ^ ^;

Is completed to restore the meter.

3528, with blue LED chip, 24 pieces (meter of 6 × 2,

Erupara was purchased.

Recombinant beat Hazadosuitchiirumi

Category: Miscellaneous "other" other

Work day: July 19, 2009


The long-awaited holiday in the wet, and from there are also dopey and tried to kill time.

Previously, it was stopped by a small LED roses for ^ ^;

Picture lights!


Disconnect the switch from the first body


Kojitsu in such a small screwdriver and place the red circle nail and remove the black part.


Red circle image of the LED chip with a nameplate processing recently LED (2.0 * 1.2) and replace it with.

LED while the iron is also addressed, so we did not get was not take by force the needlenose pliers


After replacing the LED is complete back to the original.

Actually, if you replace the goods within reasonable chip resistance is one of the bright image over the second picture, I dare not touch.

Hi there, I cannot get the photos to load for me, do they still work for others? Thanks Daz

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I just tried loading a photo and it worked.  It was a photo I took, it was on my computer, I found the file, selected it and it loaded. 
Of course I selected the paper clip “click to choose files” , went to Browse and selected Choose Files.

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On 11/16/2020 at 6:04 AM, Catlover said:

I just tried loading a photo and it worked.  It was a photo I took, it was on my computer, I found the file, selected it and it loaded. 
Of course I selected the paper clip “click to choose files” , went to Browse and selected Choose Files.

Hi bud, I was referring to the pictures SpeedChaser posted, can you access them? I currently have my dash apart and want further instructions but can't really make sense of the translation without the pictures. Thanks

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