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How To: Make A Suspension Bush Removal Tool

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This thread gives you the best, easiest, simplest and cheapest way to remove suspension bushes from your car. If you have ever tried it then you will understand the horror and endless hours of faffing that the task brings with itself.

I will tell you how to make the tool to remove them, and the video posted within the thread will show you where I got the idea from, and how it is that you use this tool as I know some people need the audio/visual assistance to learn what to do.

I have spent 5 hours removing one bush before, this will have it done within a matter of minutes. ;)

Making a Suspension-Bush Removal Tool:

Things you need to buy;

*Length of All-Thread


*Two Washers (These need to be smaller than the bushes' diameter, but only just)



*Two nuts that fit the All-Thread


*Length of Steel/Alloy Pipe


*A Cap for the Pipe (this needs to be metal and tough, it will be taking a lot of strain)


How to make the Tool;

1. Drill a hole in the centre of the cap that is the same size of the All-Thread, or just enough so that it can squeeze through but do make it a good fit.

2. Cut the Pipe (if not already the right size), which is roughly the length of your hand. This gives the bush plenty of room to move into as it gets pulled out of the bracket.

3. Cut the All-Thread (if not already the right size) to be 1 and 1/3 the length of the pipe, so that it can slide through to the other side of the bracket and through the length of the pipe.

4. Place a washer onto one end of the All-Thread and then follow it with a nut, so that the nut is on the outside.

5. Slide the Cap Down the All-Thread to rest upon the washer.


6. Slide the Pipe to rest on its cap.


There, you have just made your suspension bush removal tool. Told you it was simple. :D

Using the Suspension Bush Removal Tool:

1. Remove the bolt from the bush you want to replace.

2. With the Cap and Pipe resting on the Washer and Nut, slide the other end of the All-Thread through the bolt-hole of the bush, so that the pipe now rests on the bracket.

3. Using the other Nut and Washer, slide the Washer to rest against the bracket and secure it there with the Nut.

4. Use a spanner to hold the Nut on the Pipe side of the bracket, and use a Ratcheted spanner to tighten the other Nut on the other side of the bracket.

5. Keep tightening until the bush slides out of its seat, then remove the tightening Nut and Washer and remove the tool from the bolt-hole.

And there you have it, you've just removed a suspension bush within a minute. :)

It cost me £30 for all the parts, so it's a cheap tool considering the time and effort it will save you!

Here is the video to show you exactly how it works:

I hope this helps those who struggle! I do advise those who are doing a full bush kit to buy varied sized of washer!



I would like to make it perfectly clear to all those who make/use or even sell this tool that I am in no way liable for damages or harm caused by creation or usage of it. You choose to make/use/distribute this tool and idea at your own risk, so don't complain if it does't work for you because it did for me!

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Or you could get a mechanic in to save breaking a nail or getting your hands dirty yes.gif

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Why miss out on all the fun?

This is for those who are doing it themselves for whatever reason. Some people can't afford the labour charges Raist. ;)

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Could I please have this pinned as this does apply to all cars and people who need this tool to help them out?


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pinned just for you KP.

top job. easier and cleaner than the way i normally do it :lol:

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Nice and cool idea mate this method does work well

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