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Engine Mismanagement

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I have a 2001 Avensis CDX Auto Estate. It has done 94000 miles in brilliant fashion with never a problem other than a squeal from the steering column when manouvreing in tight spaces. (Toyota said at the time they could find no problem). Then six years ago the engine management light came on. I took it to my local Toyota dealer who diagnosed that a new catalytic convertor was required and the cost would be £180. I told them I would not go ahead as the car had just passed its MOT and the emissions were absolutely fine. Now six years on and haveng gone through several MOT's with flying colours, a series of faults have suddenly appeared.

1. A whining sound came on every time I took my foot off the brake.(this has been going on for a couple of weeks with no other symptoms),

2. A week ago the auto geabox would not change up into top gear. The car still runs smoothly and there is no noise.

3. Just after that the VSC light came on and would not go off.

I put the car in for service, diagnostic check and MOT (not to a Toyota Dealer)

The car passed its MOT and was duly serviced. I was told their diagnostics machine only went back to 2002 they did not charge me for the check, but did advise me to take it to Toyota to get it checked on a suitable machine.

I did this yesterday 15/07/2010. I was told no gearbox problem showed on the diagnostics machine, they would have to send it to an autobox specialist, But the car also needed a new catalytic convertor part No. T44250-05050 Cost £813.33 plus 4 x oxygen sensors T89465-20660 + T89465-20720 + T89465-20750 + T89465-20760 @ a cost of £700 for the four. They would also not guarantee this would solve the problem. In my own mind I believe itis the sensors that are faulty not he engine or the gearbox. We are being manipulated by engine management systems for the benefit of the manufacturers. Has anyone any helpful comments they can make please. (sorry if Ihave gone on a bit).

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It seems nowadays mechanics don't want to get their hands dirty, not checking if what the computers

tell them are correct, but rather change everything that could be faulty randomly until the car is cured.

All this at the cost of the owner, for parts and multiple travels back and forth to the auto shop.

Not saying this only applies to toyota, but every car manufacturer.

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