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Alpine 11 Band Graphic Eq/x-over/sub Level Control


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Useful for anyone looking to expand their sound system.

An Alpine 11 band equaliser. This takes a standard Pre-out from your head unit, (L & R channels) and splits them to front, rear and sub outputs. It has a built in crossover to control the cut-off frequency of the sub, Subwoofer level control, Sub On/Off control, and an 11 band equaliser with bypass to adjust your sound. Basically it's everything you need to control a complete sound system from the drivers seat. As a bonus the unit is small enough to hide away easily. (It fits in the dash top cubby hole of my Mk3 MR2.)

Edit: This unit also has a subwoofer phase control (0 - 180deg) and a subwoofer Mono/Stereo facility.

Currently the illumination is green, but this can be changed to orange (by me) if given a couple of days to get the orange LED's in.

I also have a 5 metre 2 way RCA lead and two 2m single way RCA leads to connect it to your amp and head unit, which I'll throw in with it.

Price... £55 posted to anywhere in the UK.

Heres a couple of photos:




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7 inches wide by 1 inch high, So its 1/2 DIN sized.

As for the blue LED's, I'll have to see if I can find some LED's in thr right size, but I dont see any reason why not. Never thought of that myself...

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Struggling to find Blue LED's to fit in the slots, but I don't think its impossible, just more expensive! If you're serious about it I'll look into it in more detail for you.

Just looking at the unit in question, and I noticed it also has Subwoofer phase control (0deg - 180deg) plus Subwoofer Mono/Stereo Control. Useful for setting up free-air/baffled subwoofer arrangments, or if you want to run multiple subs in stereo.

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