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Corolla Gti Ae92 Supercharged

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Hi All,

Been a while since i last posted - Just getting used to the new layout of the forum :)

Anyway I have purchased a AE92 that has had a SC engine fitted (Supplied via Fensports)

I am wanting to service it and give it a once over so where do i start..??

Obviously Oil & Filter first then how do i go about servicing the Supercharger or making sure its OK (drives well and car pulls well) Do you change belts on the SC also?

Best place to buy parts from...?

Finally need a starter for it aswell as the one on it is knackered so am i right in presuming its the same as the stock mk1 MR2???




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if the starter is just clicking then its possible to buy just the contacts (about £20 from MR T)

fennies should be able to supply a belt for the S/C or if you take it to your local motorfactors they should be able to help find a suitable belt. as for the oil not sure, contact john AE111sr he might know.

looking sweet though :thumbsup:

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as for the oil not sure, contact john AE111sr he might know.

Hi Rash,

The genuine Toyota oil is extortionately priced - I bought one at about £25 for 125ml and that was 5 years ago. Since then I've used Redline sae90 gear oil with no problems whatsoever. Just make sure you keep it topped up. Toyota recommend checking every 30,000 miles but I check mine every 5,000 just to be safe. The dipstick for the charger is a pig to get at as it's at the back of the engine and topping up is even worse. I use a large syringe with no needle on it but make sure you don't get it stuck in the hole. Supercharger belts get changed when they start to slip - they squeal like a banshee when they do so you'll know when to get a new one. The belt length will depend on the crankshaft pulley size - mines a Fensport pulley which is bigger than standard an the idler then has to be smaller so there's no interference. The best thing to do is see if you can see any make or part number markings on the outside face of the belt and try to get the same one.


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Cheers peeps. Just gave the engine bay a tidy up today and painted the calipers. Then gave it an engine flush and put some toyota red stuff in it. Noticed a yellow screw type thing on the back of the engine is this where i top up from or check supercharger oil..?

Will take a pic of it tomorrow. Also is it possible to see the belts from top of engine bay or not?? On the receipts when the engine was supplied it showed a biggert pulley and bearing to be fitted to the car but wasnt supplied at the time so dont know if it has it fitted after or not. When taking off the drivers side wheel i took a snap of the pulleys but dont know which one is fitted.. Any ideas..???



p.s. does squeal slightly when i rev it to about 5k rpm


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The yellow thing is the dipstick / filler. It unscrews anti-clockwise and has marks on the dipstick to show the correct level. The Toyota oil is transparent which makes it very difficlult to see the level so you'll have to angle the dipstick to the light to see the oil level. Be prepared for some skinned knuckles getting it our and back in. Of course if it was in an MR2 it would be at the front of the engine and much easier to get at.

The Fensport pulley is 175mm diameter but I don't know the size of the standard one - sorry.

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Oil filter from Toyota is the same as for 3s-gte and 4a-ge engines part number for the last one I bought was 90915-YZZJ2.

I'm using NGK Iridium IX BKR7EIX plugs - these are one grade 'colder' than standard plugs for this engine because the bigger pulley produces more boost than stock. Colder plugs help reduce detonation with higher boost and therefore higher in-cylinder temperatures. The engine was designed to use semi-synthetic oil but I've been using Mobil 1 fully synthetic SAE 0-40 without any problems though I'm thinking about going back to semi synthetic at the next service. Car only does about 3,000 miles a year and is serviced annually so should be more than adequate.

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changed oil filter part number
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Cheers for that. Went to a local motor factors and ordered the plugs and some redline SAE90 Gbox oil. Checked teh SC oil and it was transparent like you said. Was showing about 1/4 full so will top up once i get the sae90. Also got the oil filter and Oil (Went for Fully Synthetic Mobile 1)..

Cheers for all help.

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