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Adam C

Something I Noticed . . .

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Apologies if anyone finds this pointless . .

Once not long ago as I was studying the front of my Yaris, I noticed through the panel gap between the bonnet and bumber/grille that I could just make out the 'VVT-i' lettering on the airbox. Didn't think the gap here would be so.

Then while walking past an Auris in a carpark I noticed it had a layer of rubber plugging the gap between the bonnet and bumper/grille, looked like a standard fit.

This got me wondering; why doesn't the Yaris have this too?

And surely the lack of this on the Yaris will be causing a little bit of drag?

I was considering fitting rubber around the inside of my Yaris's bonnet to plug the gap - and to see if it cuts drag, not that I have a problem with the way the car goes - but was also wondering if it would be effective to do so up the sides of the bonnet underside too, while considering the fact that Toyota may have intended not to plug these gaps, possibly avoiding engine overheating.

Anyone know the reasoning to it? And if the Auris has this rubber all around the bonnet or just at the front?

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