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TVIS 4A-GE 200BHP N/A Project

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haha! Thanks for the supportive comment everyone. :)

I have caught the spraying bug (don't worry Dan, this doesn't detract from what I am sending your way! :lol: ) and have degreased and primed the gear linkages too, they will be sprayed in gloss black.

I need to know now before I go ahead with this, is it ok to paint the Head with a normal paint? I know the Exhaust Manifold would boil off but what sort of temperature does the outer wall of the Head get up to? The same goes for the block, I want to paint that too but on the last one I used BBQ paint just to be safe.

Tell me what I can and can't do and I'll have more pretty pictures up! :lol: :D

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you could use hamerite but to be fair when its hot dipped it should come out looking like new anyway. shiny aluminium always looks cool :thumbsup:

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you could use hamerite but to be fair when its hot dipped it should come out looking like new anyway. shiny aluminium always looks cool :thumbsup:

The only problem I have with that is the fact it will corrode just as it has done now. I'd rather use mu Hammerite Anti-Rust Primer and paint to get a good and different look. ;)

Thanks Dan, I'll be painting it to keep in with the colour scheme.... you just have to wait for it. :D :P

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looks very good. i take it you have something else in mind for the bolts as you have masked them up?

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Cheers bud, well, I didn't paint the bolts because; a- they will crack the paint if I ever need to remove them b- they will be hard to remove c- I want them done it matte black

I will do them in the matte black because it is a very tough paint and doesn't crack when you put a socket round it. :D

Now just finishing off the linkages and will have them fitted, then clean out the bell housing so I can put it into storage in my room. :lol: I'll then get the block onto the stand with the engine mount bolts and remove the sump and crank.

I'm also waiting on my Water-Pump Pulley, Crank Pulley, Tensioner Pulley and PAS Pulley to be painted and sent back. Can't wait.

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Cheers mate.

I'm pretty badly stuck, there is a pin on the end of the crank spindle and it has wedged itself in so tight that it can't be taken out.... :censor: :censor:

If I can't get it out then I can't get the crank out. I have just been told to leave it under a lamp soaked in WD40 (the pin not the lamp!) for a while. It's such an arse!

However there is always something to be done so I should still have something to report hopefully.... :yawn:

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Did a surprise attack on the Woodruff Key and......... I was greeted with success! :yahoo:

Removing the Flyheel Plate:





Beware the raised eyebrow.....




Anything missing?



Sadly Toyota Performance Magazine is no longer being produced, so my article writing has ceased. However I am looking to work for Banzai doing the same thing. ;)

Now all I need to do is source somewhere that will do chemical bathing for the Block and Head. Things will now slow down a lot more, the rest will be cleaning and de-rusting and getting stuff painted up ready for the rebuild. I will get things like bolts and bearings but sadly I have no means of big spending right now..... wait until xmas and that should change. :D :thumbsup:

This of course means that I now have loads of 4A-GE parts for sale; pistons, rods, bolts, Intake Manifold, clutch (plate/cover/Bearing), Cams etc... so PM me if anyone wants anything. B)


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Found a guy who can do engraving for me and he is on the Highstreet, WIN! He is currently doing the Cam Covers on his Vette C5 :drool:

Shouldn't cost more than £30 he tells me. :D

May get a few bits done actually....

oh dont tell me your getting it engraved with LOVE u4 EVER X :P

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shame about the TPM articles. and the slowing done but these things happen. looking forward to seeing the finished cam covers.

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lol Lee.

4afte I may do them in a month or two, and yeh thanks, was a shame about TPM.... :(

I have written to Banzai and got rejected and I am awaiting a reply from JP. :D

Should have my pulleys with me this week though! :yahoo:

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