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Broken Flap Above The Ash Tray

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Yeah, I've got this, mine only properly holds in on one side, the door doesn't (or didn't) stay closed. I added a magnetic lock (brought from B&Q, for cupboard doors) and now it is ok, doesn't look too bad and if it wasn't pointed out most people couldn't tell the difference.

I did enquire at Toyota about it and they only sell the entire centre console, I think it was around £170 maybe + VAT, so I didn't go for it.

How badly is yours broken?


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hi mate thanks for reply . mine sounds same as yours broken on left fine on the right. its a plastic pin that holds it in has broken . yea 170 quid is a bit steep . may go for a magnet too .

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try ebay or scrappies, they sell the console for like 30 quid, ive had that problem twice and both easily replaced to tsport black consoles

ok thanks il look into that . mines on 73,000 miles and it just broke when i was opening it . i used it alot for sunglasses etc.

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