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Repograming Keys

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Hi - my rav has a broken key - the connections to the Battery are loose.

So I brought a used key from ebay with the idea of swapping the Battery connector over to mine - however the new unit has all the chips / Battery glued tight into a single unit so I can't do this.

I can put this entire unit into my old key, but the chip will be programmed to another car.

I have a set of instructions for

- Reprograming the key

- Reprograming the remote

Could someone help and let me know the difference?

Also how do I tell what key is the master key?

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The key has to be programmed to the engine igintion and imobiliser system and the remote programmed to the alarm/door locking.

So far as I know there is no difference between keys for one to be master. Some models were supplied with a Valet Parking Key which can lock the drivers door and start the car but cannot open the boot or glove box and has no buttons on the fob.


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