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Headlight Eyelids...

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So, it looks like the Auris might become my "other car" and the Celica will start looking for a new owner. :crybaby:

(Moving into a crowded apartment area with lack of parking spots, second child on the way, have a company car for private use, etc., I'll get over it. :censor: )

So, I have been looking at some quick mods and styling enhancements for the Auris lately. One thing that kind of bothers me about the front of the car is the bubble headlight shape. Since that has been modified with the facelift, looks like I'm not alone on this. But as far as I know, there are only some really weird headlight covers and "eyelids available. :ffs:

Thinking about a custom fabrication, I started toying with the idea that this might look cool:


You have to squint your eyes a little, to appreciate the visual effect on the shape of the headlight.

But looking at the car straight on from the front, the light kind of follows the line of the fender and a really small piece that lines up with that, might look good as well. What do you guys think:



I am sure that the dark D-CAT 180 headlights would finish it off perfectly.

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