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Cd Changers.


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toyota do a changer or you can get an alpine/soony unit with an RF unit and little ontrol box that just plugs into the aerial and tunes in with a radio frequancy

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I've never seen the point of having a CD changer in a car. ... just why...honestly?

Stick a cd in..listen to it..it finishes...want a change...then just eject...stick another in?

Why the need for 6 + or what ever in the boot/glove compartment/under the seat? just seems to be another gadget to me.

If you want variety all the time...then record your own compilation to cd...easy enough...or yeah get an MP3 player.

The only point I see with CD changes is that they are enticing to thieves.

Just my opinion..... think I must be getting old.... Where's my tartan slippers.. :unsure:


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i am in agreement there. i guess only inticing to thieves if they know you got one.

I hada 6 change in my boot of my escort, cos the head unit was a tape player, good old tape back in the days. but i got bored of changig the cd's so used to listen to the same old crap again and again.

I agree with either do ya own songs on cd, as long as your head unit can read em, and th standard in the tpsort can, and even rreads the cdrw's which i thought impressive, else get an mp3 player. and then just write the files to disc and bobs ya uncle, lots of music. You can even have them in directories, so you can have a slection on enitre albums on one cd.

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A flashy head unit would be more enticing to thieves than a well hidden changer.

The reason why I wouldnt mind having a mp3 changer is because I have alot of mp3s and wouldnt mind having as many of them as possible in my car. For now I just burn cd-r's and swap them over which is fine but would like an mp3 player in the car.

The best way I see of doing this is by getting a cd changer for the back as I already have the Tape Deck O/E so no space for an mp3 head unit and security is also an issue with no alarm on the standard cdx.

Another idea would be to get a hard drive but they are pretty expensive at the moment :) . Have always wondered about putting a pc in a car and running it through a monitor to do lots of 0-60's and other calculations and stuff with some cameras hooked up to the software, watch this space :thumbsup:

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I agree...CD-changes are usually hidden...but what I mean is that you can't really just taken em out...and word gets around in the right cirlces or prhpas wrong ones that your carrying one around in the boot or whatever.

chap at work has a 60Gig MP3 player, Ie (one with a hard drive) cost just over £250.

forget how many thousands of albums he could fit on it!!

Only think with having the same technology in a car is the vibration...and bumps/thumps.

A hard drive after all is mecanical, and the heads are skimming nanometers above the platters..and any knock and the heads :censor: the platters. Shock proof hardrives are coming along

with lots of buffer space...but still the drives won't last anything like as long as yer standard PC (which sits on the desk without moving!) always makes me smile when people use laptops on trains, or walk around with em with the hard drive spinning. What's the number one failure of laptops...the hard-drive of course...can't think why!


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