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If You Nee Help Tow Bar

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Grinding screws

We removed the spare tire

(I do not know how I look at the manual, hill shame ...)

We removed the silencer a bit, and the cache completely.

It removes various linings by which we will have to pass new bar / tools

It removes the coupling

Here is the old truss rod (screwed on the back), and the new bar with the hook, which will replace (inserted in the holes left by the old bar and screwed from below)

Placing reinforcing plates.

In total, up to 4 layers of bars will overlap and be screwed together from underneath. When you see nothing, and they must be in mm or the screw does not .. sla party

Discount towing hook (so actually .. 6th layer bar thread ...)

Electric Beams:

It opened with a twist the cards home, and we removed the cone which we will need one to one ...

... to put them in the new form provided, and reconnects it to replace the beam provided in the former decision, it gives AC:

When you plug the mass on the mass present on the inner edge of the trunk to the media.

Tutorial detectors mounting obstacles

Demontage Heckleiste

The rear bumper

The front bumper

Trim before



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