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Worlds End Stu

Just Got A 1995 Rav4

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Hello Everyone,

We've been a 1 car family (saloon) for several years as neither my wife or I normally need the car for commuting but circumstances have changed and now there'll be occasions when we'll both need to use a car at the same time.

As the car will probably be only doing about 3000 miles a year I didn't want to spend a lot of money but fancied something a bit different to a saloon and with 4 wheel drive in case we have another bad winter.

After scouring the autotrader and fleabay for about a month and after looking at lots of overpriced junk that either smelt of stale !Removed! or old dogs we parted with £1200 at the weekend for a red 1995 RAV4 GX 3 door manual (twin sun roofs) with 89,000 miles on the clock and a partial service history (full Toyota up to 56K miles). This one reeks of an overpowering air freshener (so not sure what smell this is trying to hide) but i'm hoping some steam cleaning from the local valeting people will sort that out...

I'm chuffed to bits and am pleasantly suprised what a fun little car this is.

Everything seems to work apart from the interior courtesy lights and the motor seems like a great runner. I found myself briefly doing some rather illegal speeds on the motorway on the way home!

It's a funky little thing and unlike our big flash car, this one will actually fit in our garage!

Fingers crossed that this is going to be a shining example of Toyota reliabilty and we hope to be able to keep this wee beasty for a good few years.

No doubt i'll be posting shortly to ask some stupid questions, though most things seem to be covered in the owners manual. I even know how the alarm works! :-)

Take care and see y'all around.


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Welcome Stu.Sounds like you got yourself a great little Rav4 there.Hope you enjoy miles of fun in it :D

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