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Buying An Mr2 Turbo


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Right, sadley the time has come to sell the celica as i'm bored of its N/A engine and crave something with a little more power. loving toyotas and not being able to ensure a supra its either a GT4 for MR2 turbo, looking into it both are around the same to insure engine mods are the same and looks is down to personal taste. in your opinion which would make for the more fun to drive? and how much would a decent rev'2 ste me back.

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It all depends on what your after with regards to which one of the 2 cars you should go for...

I have sold my celica.. and am have currently got a importer searchin for a mr2 tubby for me as a write this...

Do you really want another Celica?.. fancy a change?

The MR2 tubby is a lot cheaper to maintain compared to the GT4 as well... but the GT4 is a lot more practicle...

hmm... choices Choices...

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it's been changing every month .. think (and this is only think) that it's the 3rd tuesday of the month ..

I'm not at this one though .. off on holiday .. :D

How soon were you looking at getting a new car?

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