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Painting Calipers

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hi all, ive been speaking to my mechanic a while now about painting my front/rear calipers and rear drums black. i have two questions however:

1. which is the best type of paint to use? hammerite smooth black is recommended but would you recommend can & brush or spray form?

2. what is the best way to mask off the rear disc before painting/spraying the rear drum/hub black? the problem is they are one piece so i cant remove the drum from the disc for painting.

3. is black the best colour to go with (the car is the gold-looking silver in colour) or shall i go for another colour, i dont want the boy-racer look i only want to paint to prevent rusting of the brake drum in the rear which looks awful now and will look even worse behind some shiny new alloys?

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I have used Hammerite on my callipers but I used red. I didn't mask off my callipers though, I was just very careful with my brush. ;)

Clean them off nicely so that there is no loose dirt or rust on them so the paint can key in nicely. Some say to apply another coat just before the previous coat goes hard and this works quite well, Hammerite is a very forgiving paint.

Black will look very nice on a silver car, we will be doing them in black on the CTS.

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I painted my calipers on my Mk1 MR2 with white hammerite to match the car.

I did the same with "old lolla" which is the same colour as yours but used silver smoothrite which I found to be quite a good match.

I am a fan of Calipers matching the car or doing them back to the factory colour so that they look new but found this hard to acheive as it should be a very shiney metal colour.

I had a go with a spray can but it just seems to go everywhere so found it much easier with a brush.

I don't have a pic of lolla but this is one of the MR2. I also painted the lip of the disc back plate.


Hope this helps you decide.


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