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1.4 D4D Rolla Hesitating During Accel


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I already had my EGR valve cleaned (as shown in my previous threads) last one only goes back to a couple of months ago. Now, i've got a different problem, while accelerating hard 2nd or 3rd I notice a non-constant pull every 500rpm or so near the 2500rpm mark..Got any ideas?

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add to the list from above: fuel filter, fuel pump and brand of fuel used. my 2.0d4d only ever drinks from shell fuel stations, usually from the v-power tap.

Ok, first of all thanks for your feedback guys.. secondly I really don't know from where to start..maybe I can try the cheapest solutions.. Here in Malta we don't have any choice..it's just plain Low-Sulphur Diesel and that's what you'll get but I highly suspect that that's the culprit..

So just to give you an overview mine has clocked 74kmiles and have had all scheduled services done in UK every 10kmiles and if all done well (namely U-Drive, Inchcape, KPR and Octagon at Berkshire) am pretty sure they're serious and followed the service replacement guidelines to the book. If that's the case the fuel filter must have been changed as indicated every 6 yrs or 40miles whichever comes first which surely my car have done at octagon.. Albeit this when I imported the car I noticed the fuel filter harness was unplugged and when I connected it the warning light stayed off which meant it either loosen during the long trip or else they simply forgot to plug it in. And that's giving me another indication the fuel filter might have been changed..

As for the past 2yrs I drove in Malta my regular 6month services included changing twice the engine oil + filter, Air filter, Cleaned EGR Twice, Gear Oil Changed, Pads all round, which shows the pampering I'm giving her to keep her in good nick..

So the question stands.. How can I know the fuel filter is to replace if the lamp's still off? From where can I start to identify the problem..cheap fixes being first :P

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well i mean the fuel filter, relatively speaking, is an inexpensive part so you could just change the fuel filter anyway and see if the symptoms improve? the bad thing about diesel is that the quality of diesel fuels has a much larger range when compared with unleaded, even in the uk where you would assume guidelines and quality control would attempt to keep it constant, but no.

since the diesels are turbo charged have you had the car up on a ramp and had a good look round the exhaust? even a small hole or crack in the exhaust could be causing pressure issues with the turbo, leading to loss of power?

have you driven any other 1.4 diesel corolla's, it could just be a dip in the power due to the map toyota is running on the car and they could all be the same? i know for example on the mark 4 golf r32 there was a little range in the revs that when accelerating hard you'd think the engine had left the car, and then it would kick in again, a remap would sort this flat spot out.

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