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On-The-Spot Drinking Fines Ended In Parts Of London

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On-the-spot fines for offences including being drunk and disorderly have been stopped in parts of London.

Under a pilot scheme running in Westminster, Lambeth and Southwark, officers will use court action or "words of advice" instead of fines.

The change will also affect offences of retail theft, disorder and threatening and abusive behaviour.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "This doesn't mean we aren't dealing with these offences."

He continued: "We are seeing if there is a more effective way to deal with them, such as through cautions, through the courts or, in minor cases, words of advice."

Fines 'not paid'

The force also expressed misgivings about the deterrent effect of the £80 on-the-spot fines.

The spokesman added: "We are concerned in London that too many fixed penalty notices are issued, and a significant number of these don't get paid.

"This is wasting police time and not acting as a punishment or deterrent."

The pilot scheme is due to be expanded to Lewisham and Greenwich.

In July junior justice minister Crispin Blunt revealed that less than half of the fines issued for shoplifting last year were paid in full.

Some 45,616 fixed penalty notices were issued in England and Wales but just 20,903 were settled.

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Words of advice to those who are so blotto that they can't remember their actions, on the following morning ? :shutit: :wacko::lol:

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You've got the Tshirt :D

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