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Wheel/tyre Combo


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Whats the biggest rim and tyre combo (width as well) that you can fit to the Yaris without arch rubbing?? :huh:

I've seen a few 17's, some look good, some seem to look too big for the small car. Some people say they rub, others say they don't.

Btw I don't want to lower the car (insurance purposes) - so which will look nicest when the car isnt lowered?

Oh and it'll be a T-Sport - so lowered by 20mm as standard already.

Maybe the standard 15inch size is best!!

Oh and width? Jaxx's tyres seem to be a nice fatness - they 205's? Does width cause rubbing?

Thx. :rolleyes:

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yes mine are 205s and youll find its the width that causes more problems than the increased diameter, generally causing arch rub especially on the back

if not lowering you should actually get away with 17's as far as im aware as there is plenty oif clearence - only problem is youll get the 'monster truck' effect!

to be extra sure then go with 16's

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miss t sport from here has got the tte -30mm lowering springs, shes got 215x40x16's.

Indeed they do rub, back and front, we had the arches rolled and she'sgot a pair of Sport Spring adjusters in each wheel which stop the springs from clamping fullu up when you hit bumps or come down of speed bumps, or if you have a fat heffa like me sitting in the back.

All is now fine, and it handles lovely.

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demon tweaks. thyea re similar to bump stops, but i think theya re a different shape? i think i'm getting cofused between bump stop and bushes. :wacko: anyway, this is what she has.

price £23.17 (inc VAT)

demon tweeks

seemingly made by splitfire


so easy to fit even i could do it, and did. just jack up the car and bung em in. as i said she required two on each wheel!!!! i'm gonna need some for mine, and its not even lowered, just cos i got crappy standard suspension and the elbow of my zorst hangs toooo low.

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err, can't remember, had a friend so it who has a body work shop. she had to have both the arches done and the springs things, not sure if we could of got away with jus tthe spring things though.

it wasn;t expensive, but can't remmebr and wouldn;t wanna mislead you.

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