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I have a 1998 1.6 16V corolla ......i put a new Battery in today as the old one was done....... she started ok and is charging 100% but my problrm is when i turn on the lights for a wile , when the cars running and i turn it off, the Battery goes kinda dead and the car wont start as its not turning over fast enough..... but leave it f$or a will and it starts again...i was thinking the starter could be ceased abit or there is sometinh draining the Battery ... help please it only my new car...

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Check battery connections,any underbonnet earth connections,alternator drive belt isn't slack or perished.Also,check it isn't a ignition switch fault.Does the engine turn over or do you just get a click from the starter solenoid?

checked all them she...turns over wile slow but leave it for a wile and she will start

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