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Drive Shaft Snapped In Half - Is This Common?


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I have a Corolla verso spirit 04 (98k miles)- I recently returned from a 2 week holiday drove 500m from the airport and was driving onto (not round at the time) a rounderbout when the drive shaft snapped.

I am told that this is quite unusual and I wondered if anybody else had this experience and should I be able to get some compensation from Toyota for this?

It is being repaired at the moment, it did not need the complete drive shaft replacing.


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Nah nah nah. No More Nails. That's the best stuff for it, works for F1 cars. :D

I would be able to believe that it snapped at the CV end but the the shaft itself, they are solid bars of metal and they won't break unless you hit the kerb and damage the hub really badly.

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