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2006 Yaris T-Spirit

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The missus has just picked up her new (or at least new for us) 2006 Yaris 1.3 T-Spirit, and very pleased she seems to be with it.

I've not had chance to have a look at it yet (I'm still in work) but she asked me if its got a trip computer as she cant find it. I'm sure it has, as we previously had the 1st shape yaris on a 54 plate, and this had trip computer functions.

Does this one have a trip computer?

If so, how does she access it, and what information does it store?


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Its the left button on the digital display. It toggles through the various options.

You get temperature, instant mpg, average mpg since last refuel, miles to empty, average speed.

Can't rememebr how to reset, maybe you press and hold the left button when its displaying the option you want to reset...

We hardly ever use it because the button is so far to reach... Just leave it on temperature...

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Just been having a drive in it and I found it.

Yes, it is a bit of a stretch to get to isnt it! not very driver friendly at all!

Thanks tho mate.

I know its very early days, but I must say I'm very impressed with this Yaris. Seems like a great little car.


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