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Previa/tarago Diffs

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I've spent countless hours today searching for more info on TCR10 Tarago diffs (not 4WD or S/C) and learnt quite a bit but have still have not answered my questions. Ours BTW is the F292 (4.1) diff centre with the manual G57 g'box. But might be the same in the 4WD auto/manual?.

We've got a blown diff pinion bearing and it's cheaper to just swap diff centres over from another. However, for the life of me I can't find a confirmation that an auto diff is the same ratio. I suspect it's a F282 (4.3). Autos are more common than manuals, especially in Taragos.

So questions are;

1) will the F282 bolt straight on my diff axle housing without mods?

2) with the change in ratio will the change be noticeable in a manual car? I assume it will be quicker off the mark but loose some on the top end, but how much by and what should I expect from the speedo reading difference?

3) are the pinions the same tooth on the F282 to the F292?

4) are they the same length so as not to affect propellor shaft length or other oddity and be a true bolt on fit?

I look forward to your replies and thanks in advance.

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