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How Do I Access Coolant Resevior Cap?

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I got some coolant from the dealer to top-up the coolant level on my 7th Gen Celica but cannot access the coolant resevoir cap because there is a black plastic panel over it which seems to be attached to the car with black platic rivets. How do I access the cap. Do I need a special tool to remove the rivets? If not how do I do it and which ones do I need to remove.

Someone has suggested using a small screw driver to push through the pin in the centre of the rivet to remove the rivet. Can the pin be reinserted if you do this or does it break the rivet? If it can be reinserted do I do it from the top or the bottom? also once I push it through won't I loose it since I don't think you can catch it from the other side.

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