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Toc Christmas Party 2010


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Oh well, I think I'll miss this one! :unsure: :(

Big shame! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

If anyones unsure about going, may I just say that its a great event, you'll really enjoy it, it was a highlight of my year last year, its a shame I won't be able to make it this year!

Have fun, y'all! ;)

That's a real shame Phil :(

Well I will be making arrangements to book six rooms for those showing interest in this years party and will let you know when to call in the usual deposits necessary.

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Have we got a "theme" yet?

How about a "Pyjama Party" :yahoo:

erm........................(whispers) Les sleeps in his underpants only - you dont want to see that??????? :blink:

lol...............So do I..............but I would dress for dinner! :yahoo:

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When's the latest you'll need to know by?

Bit tricky for me to commit as i'm still in a temp job that could end at any point....

Unless i could just kip on the floor in someone's room?? :lol:

I have put you down as a possible Gaz and all I can say is when you can find out for definite I will book it for you if there is a room available :thumbsup:

*Kipping on the floor of a room ain't an option........we want to go back there again ;) *


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JUST WEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the theme??!!!

The theme is.................................................

Tramps (and Trampesses or Castaway ;) )

Got plenty of old clothes to rag up :D

Be dressed as normal then! :P ;) :lol:

Sent you a PM

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Well as no body seems very into the dressing up this year...

I vote we should just dress pleasantly and enjoy the night!!!!

This means us gals can wear our 'party' frocks if we wish :thumbsup:

Sorry if I am a party pooper but have never done fancy dress at the Xmas do and never will.

I do have a party frock though, cant wait!!!!

Are we there yet?

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