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Exhaust Rattling And Hitting Rear Bumper Making Sound

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my exhaust starts to rattle when the car is stationary and the revs drop below 800ish, and the muffler i have fitted on starts to hit against the rear bumper. it never use to happen but recently started happening. does anyone have any idea why this happens?

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Possible options

1. Exhaust has dropped from one of the hangers and it bowing, causing the exhaust to interfere with other body parts.

2. Heatshield has come loose and rattles.

3. hard impact caused exhaust to bend and now interferes with body parts.

4. Bumper deformed around the exhaust ( was the exhaust close to the bumper in the first place?

5. the link to the low Rpm might indicate the problem is closer to the engine side rather than the tail end.

6. combination of two or more of the above...

I had a rattle from a centre heatshield that came loose. Easy fix.

best thing to do ... take it to quick fit or a garage who are not too busy... get them to put it on a ramp and walk down under the car and find out what has gone wrong...

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