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1998 Colorado Tvss Removal

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I have been having issues with the unlocking of the car, sometimes you flat out can not unlock it using the key fob and then a fight ensues via key fob, hard key and driver, unlock the car using the key and then lock using the keyfob works fine, try to unlock with keyfob fails, it can take 15 minutes of this cycle to get the damn thing to unlock using the keyfob, then you almost need to have the keyfob on the windscreen (the batteries are new).

I have been doing some research and it seems that the TVSS components aren't really Toyota but 'badged items' from a manufacturer that no longer exists, I have also read a number of horror stories about cars locked and immobilised, Toyota are unable to fix.

I am not prepared to be caught out, I can't afford to be so plan to get a Thatcham cat 1 aftermarket system installed .... before I do the TVSS has to go.

Does anyone here know how to remove the TVSS IIIB system, or is there a dealer in the North West (preferrably around Manchester area) who can remove it and fit a decent aftermarket system in its place? (I have no problems proving that I own the car), my local stealership seem unable or unwilling to do so.

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