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Rav4 Vvt Alarm Flashing Lights

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First and foremost I kinda feel honoured to be part of the family and therefore hi everyone

Secondly I did not get a manual when I purchased my Rav4 (silly me) and have no clue when I press my the lock button on alarm key, the car indicicator lights flashes twice, if i press the same button again it flashes 3 times and If i press it once more then the indicators stay on for about a second.

Now I know it maybe a silly question to ask but I was an avid BMW owner and now deflected to a better driving RAV4.

Are the lights trying to tell me something? Are there different alarm levels?

The key I have only have 2 buttons... Lock and Unlock

Awaiting a response (if you think I have a valid question) :help::unsure:

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HI + Welcome, quick reply first press locks doors, second press double locks doors,(even if someone breaks a window doors cannot be opened from inside)3rd press if its prior to 2006 turns off inside sensors. so you can lock your dog or mother in law inside. the post 2006 models have a seperate button inside the car for this, hope this helps till you get more answers + ALL questions are valid + welcome :thumbsup: Stew

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