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Lean Error Codes

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could help me? I have spent about 2 months trying to figure out some problems i'm having with my Celica, but to no avail. Anyway, i shall explain.

I got the car put on a computer and it pulled up codes

P0171 (System too lean bank 1)

P0113 (Intake air temperature sensor 1 circuit)

P0100 (Mass or volume air flow a circuit)

So far I have done the following: -



New spark plugs

New air filter

Injector cleaner

Visual inspection of vacuum hoses (not sure I would of spotted anything myself though..)

Cleaned throttle body with carb cleaner

The malfunction light is on. If it is taken off it comes back on pretty quick. From a cold start the car idles up and down then starts to dip lower and lower till the car shakes tremendously and on one occasion stalled. After a couple of minutes it sorts itself out a bit. If I try and drive the car away before I let it sort itself out I basically have no control over the power and its jerks around like a wounded shark.

Even after its warmed up I can still feel problems. Its 'severely' down on power since this problem has started. Also, if I sit at a constant speed with accerator held steady I can feel the car slowing and speeding up of its own accord.

I really desperately want to get my car fixed as I love it and i'll never get rid of it. I just am running out of money to throw at it and still have several expensive suggestions to try out. I would be eternally grateful if anyone could give me their thoughts on this? And I don't post this question lightly, I have been to 2 garages, searched the web for months, and piled about £600 into getting mechanics to try stuff so far.

Things I still havent done or have seen suggested around the net: -

Pre-cat Lambda (although most people say they did this first and it didnt fix anything)

4 new Coils (a few people have mentioned this)

I hope I have explained this pretty well (i didnt know a single thing about cars until I started looking into this issue and trying to learn how things work)



Celica Gen 7 ZZT230

Engine - 11ZFE

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