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My G6 Corolla 4X4 - My Rwd 7age corolla - Page 12

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I went to the Bone yard to day and picked up much better trunklid and one rusty fender for the AE95

since the former owner was starting to part out the AE95 and that and fewe other parts where needed

I got it for a nice price so total cost of the car now all put to geather again and driveble £131,02 so far so good

Then I finished cutting what I thought I need from the AE86, took the tunnel for the transmission and driveshaft




Then I put it on my dad´s dolly and drove it home


Then I have to brake out my magic mind again to find the registered owner of it so I can get the throwing away fee for

the body :D yea im scueese-ing all the penni I can out of this buy and so far I have sold 3times more then I bought it for

it´s amacing what you can get out of this stuff, I mean when I parted out the e10 1300cc body I had that was rusted to hell

I sold much more then I bought the whole car for, thats crazy but awesome :drunk:

Zoom out, looking forward to start on the Jeep pickup truck :driving: 4000cc engine swap


Enjoy peeps

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great build thread nice to see after all the hard work you finally reunited with it looking forward to seeing more :)

Posted Images

Is that a BMX frame in the back of the pick up ?

I highly doubt it, but I havent looked at it, I just picekd it up like this from the junk yard :D

So today was a memory full day, I found the registered owner and signed the nessesery paperwork to get it on to

my name so I could throw the AE86 to the same junk yard I picked up my lovely Jeep pickup truck

Scooby doing it´s work well, I love driving this car around, so smooth


So sad



The thought actually crossed my mind if I could restore the damn thing, If I hadent cut out the floor

I would be hitting some friends so see if they have or know of any salvaged AE86 in a ditch somewhere


But no, to hell with it, It would cost me alot of monney and time wich I dont have


Good bye AE86 :hug:


Then I went to my dads garage and picked up my stored bike, I just spend two

hours the day befor getting it all in working order again for upcoming summer


It spends hardly no fuel and Ive been using it to school the last two years, It spends the same fuel for 6days

like my G6 or suzuki spends on one day back and fourth to school, thats awesome :1eye:


Then went to my bud where the AE95 stood there waiting for me to complete it and drive it home

It sits on 15" ronald´s or something like that, Its got 1600cc engine and 4wd drivetrain with the rear center diff luck

and Im having trouble making my mind wich one to use the GT-i liftback or this AE95 to do a AE86 engine swapp


When I bought it from him he had sold the front fender and tailgate, he had the car befor Xmas but sold to someone

who was so unlucky that one of the rear rim and tier came loos and fell off during 80km/h and smashed the rear

drumbrake and lug bolts.. the guy must have left it there by the rode to rotten cous my bud got stupid high bill

for a tow way out side the city, it was towed back to the city and it was still registered to his name so he had to

buy it out of beeing crushed.. Then I fixed the drumbrake and lug bolts so now it sits there until to morrow...


This is my old front bumper with a VW Passat front splitter modified to fit


It sits on 2cm thick alloy metal to rice up the body from the ground, Im going to remove them and put in my lowering

suspension I have and have had for along time now, Bilstein rally suspension front and koni red or yellow shocks in the

back with AE86 rear coil springs, I think they where adjusable...


Last summer I sold him a GT-i 16v interrior, front seets and back seet and GT-i gaugecluster and behind dash electic

and door panels, Now I got it all back and Im going the finish putting it in when I have time to..


Enjoy :spiteful:

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That "Adventurebook" would be a long ***** book :eat:

I dont know what happent but the other day was my birthday and I sold three cars!!!

I sold the Suzuki Vitara to American guy whos here in collage, I sold a Nissan Almera I

got for cheap and I sold the Jeep Cherokee to some brothers who where looking for a project

Here´s the thing just about to be towed away


But befor that I had pulled the more desent rims and 31" tires form it and swapped it for the pickup tires


Its a whole new car now, looks much better now, I dont know If i wrote it down here but the other day I got the

Jeep comanche pickup to runn and I found out right away why the guy wanted to get rid of it, the rod bearrings

are gone and the transmission dosent do anything under the car, its like it isnt there :blow:

so now Im looking for a V8 engine and transmission to swap into it, Im not going to use it that much so

it can waste some fuel and do something real when I hit the throtle :football:

Im not forgetting my most precious car of all :flowers: I sold all the running cars I had so Im driving him now

and man that feels awesome, it pulls like crazy and its so quick, Im always asking my buddies who

own both of my old 20v engines if they want to race me, they have sat in my G6 and are both supriced

how much it accelerates... Taken just befor the Nissan Almera got picked up


I havent done anything more to the Turbo upgrate, but I think I got everything now to start welding and fabricate...

Also Im at my dads garage trying to finish welding and grinding the rear fenders in the AE95 Touring to fit my friends

8" wide 15" rims that Im thinking of buying from him just for fun, also going to run them under the G6 in the summer

This is what im aiming for


Here´s his Corolla SI (GSI or GT elsewhere) sitting on the fortold rims





When the pictures where taken:

It had my old 4age 20v Blacktop, he imported it and we swapped it in, later he sold it and bought a 4agze stage 3 engine

and started on a 4wd drivetrain swap, we stopped talking to eachother by that time and he dindt know of the

"4age block to 4wd rear diff" problem and he ended up selling the 4agze engine and bought a 7afe... It has

been sitting the last 3years I think just waiting to be finished, he got the superbike fewer so he just waiting to

get the finishing his "presious car fewer" again, this was his first car and he loves it spite that he hasent drived

it more then 50% of the time hes had it for :ermm:

Corollas....to be continued

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A nice update, again with lots of lovely pictures.. nice to have a clear out every know and then. I like the Corolla, engine swap sounds nice.

Can I ask, how does the car feel to drive with more than 109bhp.. I have often wondered what it feels like, also what does the chassis feel like with 4wd ?

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A nice update, again with lots of lovely pictures.. nice to have a clear out every know and then. I like the Corolla, engine swap sounds nice.

Can I ask, how does the car feel to drive with more than 109bhp.. I have often wondered what it feels like, also what does the chassis feel like with 4wd ?

It´s Ok, cant complain but I do miss the endless reving in the 20v

The chassie is almoast like it was befor 4wd equipment was bolted under it

the things I can feel is different is when in the winter on slippery surface

the whole rearend is somehow lighter then it was that dosent make no sence

but also the car is much smoother to drive now than it was befor, it handles

better and the rear wheels are sticky when I go real fast into corners..

nice project mate :)

and also wanted to know ,

what's the brand of these wheels?


I honesly dont remember the name of them and they where the only 16" in my

country that I know off, I know because I spent a year trying to find a spare rim

to have as a spare wheel but no luck..

Alot of stuff has gone on from the time I posted last time, I dont know where to

begin, but when I think about all of it it cinda dosent feel like it has been much

going on hehe :D

I sold the Suban.... (sniper gunshot in the distant at me but misses) :ermm:

I got cash cash cash :D , I honestly can say that im relieved that its gone

So goodbye Suban and hope you like your new owner


Then resently I got a phonecall from my niece asking if I could change couple of wheel berrings

in her Subaru Forester and in exchange I could have her old car a Nissam Almera´99 like the

one I sold resently, so I probably will just sell that right away..

I have been spending alot of time in the Jeep Pickup truck, I got a newer front end for it


Also I needed new stuff around the wind screen wiper stuff and wipers also they where missing


Looking forward to see it in the street ones its done


So then I towed it to my dads garage and pulled the engine and transmission out of it


Im going to throw the engine away but Im keeping the trany trying to sell it to someone


Emty looking engine bay, I havent got my mind on this but Im thinking about swapping in it

one of my 4age engine with T-50 tranny, Its just that I already have it and Im cheap these days


I found out when it was in the car lift that theres no front diff inside

the front axle housing, I dont want to spend any monney on the car trying to keep this as low

budget as I can, so im not going to have it 4wd and Im thinking of lowering it a bunch, Ive got

a guy that wants to buy the coil springs in the front and the leaf springs in the back and he

is willing to give me his original stuff for free.. Im still thinking about it tough, frist thing first

engine and tranny bolted in and get it running then I think about the drivetrain...

Then over to other matters..

I finaly got my jackass to make time for the GTi corolla, today actually!

So for three hours I spent in the engine bay, when I picked it up it woulden run so I assumed

I only needed to change the Battery and put new fuel in it, so I did that but it still woulden run

it started and turned but dindt barf or plutter so I started to check everything, Timing belt, spark

sparkplugs, plugwires, Oil, water, injectors, intake, TPS, MAP, ignition switch, fuel...

And all of this was in order so I just had spent an hour and it still woulden fire up!!!


Then I went in and opened my toyota computer and went over everything I had saved about

4age, In the end it was starting to sputter fire out of the intake so I assumed the ignition was

180deg advanced but I had already looked into that and it wasent but still fired out the intake

so i went out there again and went over everything again, going on two hours now and still

not firing completely so I took the dissy off and plug wires to have a look and found out that

although the ignition was dimpled right into the head and was showing aligned marks it was

still wrong 180deg, so I went manual, I pulled the ingtion out of the head and rotated the axel so

the hamer was ligning next to sparkwire nr.1 and put it all togeather again and the damn thing

fired up right away as it had never done anything other the last 25years..


So I was littlebit supriced why this manual override worked but going after the book would not

work, so I looked into it, googled some photos of various ignition and dizzy cab and sparkwires

and found out that my dizzy cab had the firing order of 4-2-1-3 showing on the outside of it

but by the book it should say 1-3-4-2 so I djust moved the axle so the hamer was next to the nr.1

allthough the dimples would be way out of line..

So I took it for alittle spin in my street and WoW its quick, cant say I dont hate those happy

reving engines, and theres one of the reson why I want one in my pickup truck, would be funny

Then one day I bought this mint looking Mitsubishi Pajero Diesel Turbo Intercooled, I wanted a

new famelycar so we would be safe with the kids when we where crousing icecream sundays





Really clean engine


So now whe dont know what to do with the Legacy, so I bought another Legacy to play with :thumbsup:

So over the matters most,

I resently got an offer, a guy whants to trade me his Toyota Avalon for my Toyota Touring


He needs a wagon for his dog and offered me clean trades, his Avalon has the most wanted

engine that I only dreamed of having or getting and I didnt know it was here, its equiped with

1m-zfe wich is all aluminum engine and makes 210hp and is a V6, my first goal was a v6

engine when I first got my beloved G6 and I was going to make it 4wd with that engine..

So now Im looking for all the drivetrain stuff I need to make this possible and Ive already found

4wd Rav4 transmission with diff luck rear differential equiped and a busted 3vz from a 4runner

with manual flexplate and clutch stuff but Im still looking for a 3s-fe clutch kit because I need

the clutch disk for the Rav4 tranny axle with and theeth counts then I need the engine mounts

thats already in the Avalon but I need to fab them into G6 engine bay..

But I havent made my mind about the trades, I wasent thinking of doing another swap

into it right away, I just finished the 5th engine swap into it hehe..

So thats where im at with G6 right now, and if I go V6 im going to use the 7afe engine and

make a 7age into the GTi next summer so I will be using the turbo stuff I already spent

to much time into thinking and summing up stuff around the city..


Also the trades coulden had come on a worse time, I want to make the Touring a wagon ae86

and its the best body to do it to also got the GTi interrior an all :D im just not in the mood for

another swap in the G6, I just want to drive the heck out of it over this summer and im looking

forward to the winter!!

Hope you enjoy buds, I thing im forgetting something though....

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Out of all the deals and swaps you do, you still have your G6 :) Im impressed.. well done

Interesting read again.

Thanks Paul :D

So I used couple of hours on sunday to fit the 4age Twincam with T50 Rwd tranny

into the Jeep pickup engine bay, this is how it looked like when inside..


The factory jeep tranny mount actually fits the T50 factory tranny mount and the

hole in the floor for the manual stick lines up almoast 100% in the center of it

How cool is that!!


And this is how the engine sits now but its going to be raced up about 10cm to

15cm to have some space between the front axle housing not tuching the oilpan


The oilpan sits on top of the front axle housing right now and the jeep factory

motormounts fits almoast directly to the factory AE86 Rwd motormounts



It fits so well in there I just cant belive this is going to work


I actually have about 10cm space that I can push the engine back, but I think im goint to

have it as it is now so I dont have to fabricate some other motor or tranny mounts, im supriced

it fits so well like this, just hope the front axle diff dosent travel upp more then 10-15cm..


So thats where im at right now, just wasting time getting the pickup bike truck going so I can use it

Enjoy buds hope you like my crazyness

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^_^ Thanks Paul,

The 4age engine sits in the engine bay now just to find space for exhaust :D

Then I put the front end on the black GTi and painted into the rust that was showing on the outside


Then it was time for another Roadtrip an hour out of town driving trhough old lava


In front and behind that mountain is where everybody go motorcrossing, love that big open nature!!


More dry lava stuff and mountains


Then I arrived to destination


Really old houses, even got roosters walking around :huh:


Im here to meet a guy, he´s just like me, a car collector :lol:


Hes got this rugged looking G6, I want his rear bumper



And the reason why im here




Rebuilt Bigport 4age from top to bottom driven 8000km


The car has been resting the past 3years


The body is a XL 1300cc Carb engined put the guy totalled a 3door ae92 to build this GTi liftback


Body driven 173.000km


Rims I could pick from, I grabed the lower 14" and the 15" ronald in the upper right corner


ALOT of parst that came with it





On the dolly


Loving the torque in that Pajero the trip home was lightfully easy up the hills



Then we filled the dolly I took with me



Home sweet home




This is one of two major rust parts in the car


I wont be out of bumpers anytime soon


Thats it guys, hope you like the new member B)

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lol, quality update, if only my garden was that big I would start a car collection :)

You have some nice projects going on at the moment. Also some very nice locations in and around where you live :)

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lol, quality update, if only my garden was that big I would start a car collection :)

You have some nice projects going on at the moment. Also some very nice locations in and around where you live :)

Thanks Paul,

Yea this country is ok. There are many things to look at but the population is

so small, there are small little towns all over the place and alot of farms.

only good thing about this is that if you get lost somewhere, we will find you

in the next 36hours, we have a people search squad that brake into forms

and swipe the whole country if they must, Its pretty awesome..

On with the show..

Got the new 14" rims onto a new tires


Looking better now


Took everything out to look for rust


Found some


Has been in a fight befor, has a new-ish rear fender


Whole front end bolted on with AE92 bumper, looking cind of grate







Now im trying to figure out what to do with it, I want to change that engine for something...


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So another project, looks nice in white. Have you put it up on a ramp yet ?

No, but ive looked under it by jacking it up on each side and carefully look for more rust spots

On with all my projects

Yeasterday I got up really early and went out side cleaning out of the garage and

out side my yard for trash and car parts that I coulden sell or would never use

Then I took the interrior out of Black GTi and built a GTi castle inside the garage


Then I checked the body for rust



Some more under the back seat



And in the pockets in the rear



So now im thinking of geiting the body sandblasted or just grind those rust spots with a grinder and weld in new floor and little bids here and there

and call it good and get it running the street sooner then it would if I sandblasted.

Then after thinking about this for over a month I finally made up my mind and bought this


Its a Toyota Avalone with a V6 1MZ-FE all aluminum engine


Its been unregistered for 6years





And heres a preview of what to come if I find a 4wd gearbox any time soon

These are still pictures I took from two videos of youtube.com becouse I coulden

find better pictures by google.com

3vz-fe engine block


Back of the 3vz-fe



GT4 4wd Transmission, very simular to Rav4 transmission


GT4 tranny bolted to 3vz block




Have to build new hedders instead of the cast iron hedders


Im actually hoping that I can switch the front and rear hedders so the exhaust will

actually fit because of the tranny rear axle diff housing is so big


This I just took now, a front stuff for the driveshaft


And the rearwheel equipment, missing a hub and a axle, Its in the garage


This I took in Mars this year, I forgot to post it


I met my buddy who sold me the black GTi, his girlfriend just bought this ofer tuned Corolla


The former owner is a guy I knew when I was 16-17, It was his first car and he has spent over 25.000GBP into it making it as it is, Its got rebuilt blacktop 4age 20v Turbo everything

rear disk brakes, coilover suspension, stereo, trunk full of base, monitors, sunroof, bodykit and much more



I was actually thinking of buyin it from him but the thought of having something that is 300hp FWD dosent make sence to me, "Lets GO straight ahead, TURBO JUST KICKED In YO"

Completely no fun at that so I bought the Suban instead and you all know how that went


Hope you enjoy... more update soon..

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Thanks Paul...

Im looking forward to trash that Avalon apart


Then I got buzy, I desited to trash the AE95 it was rusting away fast, the floor was like cheese

Got the engine and tranny out of it, always needed the block for the 4wd tranny



Dolly up


Dolly home waiting til tomorrow when the bone yard opens up


Next up is Avalon :giljotiini:

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So is that engine going in the E11 ?

Gell NO!! the block is a 1600cc and it has the part of 4wd gearbox space taken out of it

and im going to put the 4age head on to it and into some corolla, I just want to hafe it if

I need it anyday...

Im trying my best to get the Jeep Comanche going to the streets so I can drive the thing

I m about to make up my mind what engine goes into what corolla, I think im going to put

the 1MZ-FE engine into G6 as the first original plan was and put the 7afe 4wd transplant

into the white GTi with 4wd drivetrain and put a 4age head on top of that to build a 7age

then I dont have to make a engine harness for that engine but I only need to make a

harness for the G6 to V6.

Cant wait to finish some of these cars and drive them, exspecially the G6 with a V6 :driving:

Also cind of looking forward to see how much torque the 7age will make..

So here is the plan

Jeep comanche Mai - June

Black GTi corolla June - august

White GTi corolla August - September

G6 with a V6 September - Desember

Enjoy Paul hehe :D

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So the other day I took out the trash, AE95 to the bone yard and

whil I was there I desited why not apply for a job this summer

the guy liked me so much that he hired me on the spot and I

started working the next day, so this is the largest bone yeard

in my country and this is the first car I got to chop chop :D


I´ll show you befor pictures of it when I find them.. but the guy who hat it last didnt do anything for the car so

it got trashed like it is now, it had a full bodykit and a tonn of cool stuff, it almoast looked like the red one I posted earlier.

And here are some I have taken while working

VW Golf mk3 VR6


Primera Diesel


Driveble and mint contition MMC Colt


This 320 came in driving, guy said he got fed up with trying to get pass smog or something like that


Took the leafsprings out of that one for some guy making a dolly at home


There are 20-40 cars going in everyday, my job is to take them and make shore if the engine and transmission

is ok and then get rid of every fluid inside it and bolt everything out of it that has been sold or is likely to be sold

I like the job and I like the crazy good payment I get for doing this easy job

Im about to finish the engine mounts in the Jeep Comanche..



I desited to move the engine and transmission back about 3cm to have the shifter lign up like I wanted to

Right engine mount


Dosent show it well


Its all coming to geather.. Have to lift up the transmission about 2cm then the engine will lign almoast right


Got the clutch petal inserted, now just to change the brake petal


Cleaned everything from the insite


That hole is where the shifter will come up from the floor


Im using Toyota clutch master cylender if it works with the Jeep clutch petal


Looking forward to finish these parts then I already got everyting else

in order like electric and firing up the engine, fuel and exhaust..

Dont know if I will finish it befor the end of mai like the plan was :D


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Looks good :thumbsup:

Congratulations on the job, youve hit the jackpot right there ;) and i bet youll have first dibbs on all the good toyotas that come in too :D

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