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Custom Exhaust, Design, How To Make It Quieter

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mid box with 2.5" outlet and 58mm inlet, (i think is shorter than standard one, would it cause the exhaust louder)


this is Blitz exhaust for japan corolla tsport, it got a resonator at the end pipe. would this make it quieter?? if so, i may custom the exhaust come out from the left.


this is the HKS design



is there are other way to make it quieter, i.e. use thicker diameter end pipe maybe??

Also, any custom exhaust company recommand other than H&S and MIJ??

many thanks!! :rolleyes:

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Hey man I asked this question recently because I am getting the system changed on mine. Bascially you can get mid silencers/resonators that help, but the main contributors to reduce noise are the backboxes. Larger boxes packed with more wadding control quietness.

..and the system I got on mine at the momment is an MIJ one which is pants.

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now you can get these

they fit in the end of the exhaust and reduce the noise. by simply capping it, what makes the noise is the way the gasses come out the exhaust what these discs do is difuse the gasses as they exit the exhaust which elliminates the noise.

its a bit of a dirty way of doing it... Illgryphon is spot on with his answer...but needs must..


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