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4A-Ge Parts For Sale

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I am building a racing 4A-GE and everything is getting replaced apart from the Block and Head. :lol:


For those who are more novice to the 4A-GE engine you may not be aware of these differences. These parts are all for the earlier 4A-GE's with the TVIS (Toyota Variable Induction System) which had some internal differences from the later non-TVIS engines, also known as the Hi-Torque engines.

To start, the TVIS 4A-GE has a "small" Crank with 40mm journals as opposed to the later engines "big" Crank with 42mm journals. The small Crank weighs in at 11Kg and the big Crank weighs 11.7Kg because of the bigger journals.

The engines all have small variations, some have slightly different Intake System setups. If unsure about what engine you have, please do not hesitate to ask me, I am more than happy to help.

So to start:

1. Alternator Pulley > >


2. Bolts and Nuts


I am replacing al of them so the standard ones will be available. E-mail or PM me to enquire.

3. Cams

£50/£25 per Cam

Standard and in perfect condition and minimal scoring.

4. Cam Pulleys

£20 for both/£10 per Pulley

Standard Pulleys that came with the Cams that are for sale.

5. Clutch Cover Plate


In near to new condition, the owner replaced the clutch just a couple months before I got my hands on it.


6. Clutch Drive Plate


Same age as the cover plate, next to new and has 6 springs! So it is a little smoother and tougher. But still drivable.

7. Clutch Thrust Bearing


Again, fairly new and in perfect condition. No grinding or scoring.

8. Flywheel


Perfect condition standard Toyota Flywheel. Complete with own Bolts upon request.

9. Fuel Rail


Complete with the Injectors, polished up and I will sell it separately from the injectors if necessary.

10. Head Bolts


Never been changed, I personally wouldn't fit them to another engine, but I know people who have done it and it's fine.

11. Ignition Leads


Standard Black Ignition Leads with no cracks or corroded connections.

12. Intake Manifold

£50 with TB/£40 without

Used and dirty, I will clean it before I send it and for a small extra charge, I will paint it in a colour of your choice. Enquire for this as I will sell with or without the Throttle Body.


13. Intake Manifold Brace


It supports the Manifold and is a solid girder. Not much else to say about it.

14. Pistons

£40/£10 per piston

Standard 4A-GE pistons with a Compression Ratio of 10:1 These pistons are for the TVIS 4A-GE with the 18mm Pins and the 40mm Crank journals. These will fit ONLY the TVIS 4A-GE. They are in good condition, a little build up but nothing performance damaging. Complete with Rings.

15. Rods

£40/£10 per Rod

Standard rods with 18mm pins and they fit only the 40mm journalled Crank! Perfect condition with smooth bearings with no damage.

16. Throttle Body


Throttle Body to be fitted with the TVIS manifold, I will sell it with or without the Intake Manifold.

17. T.V.I.S.


Toyota Variable Induction System. This is what the first 4A-GE's had, it is a set of Butterfly Valves that open/close according to the engine RPM to adjust Air-Flow and increase Torque at the low RPM and Power at the high RPM.


18. Valves


Standard 4A-GE Valves, some are in good enough condition to sell on. Enquire.


19. Valve Springs

£32/£2 per Spring

Like the Clutch, the previous owner replaced them months before giving me the engine so they are in perfect condition and I have tested them all for their lengths and they are spot on.


20. Water Pump


May have a good Water Pump up for sale.... it's under discussion. Enquire.

ALL prices are subject to delivery charges, so you will need to enquire to see what they will cost extra. I am happy to do collections.

There are bound to be other parts too so just ask me, if they are not listed.



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