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Mileage Graph

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hi all

many years ago when i had motorycles (last one bsa super rocket) i used to do daily a round trip of 70 miles to i had to be there rain,snow,ice,fog,feeling ill,dying was not excuse for not turnig up.

as i went out at the weeeknds with my pals to the coast,race meetings etc, i was clocking up near the 500 miles a week.i did this for about 2 years.

i used to get the motorcycle news in them days.they used to stick in a copy now and again a mileage graph.

this graph had the months of the year along the bottom and miles up the side.

it was very interesting with the mileage i was doing to see at a glance the miles covered month to month.

you could add fuel purchased if you wished,i nver bothered.i used 1 gallon a day.the bike was not as fast as modern machines but a lot more economical.i used to use 5 star petrol then,about 4 galls for a £1. 00.

i know you could put a graph on your pc,but a graph stuck up somewhere is much more interesting,and your not going to lose it.

as i dont do much more than 4000 miles a year now its not worth having one.but you who do a decent annual miliage

then i suggest you give it a go,you will be surprised how often you refere to it.

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