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Dealer Service Pricing

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Just a note to my regular/closest/local dealer:

My car is going to another dealer for its 30K/4 year service on Friday.

This is because when I ring you up to ask about the price of a service I do not subsequently expect to find that what you tell me needs to cost £400 actually is done for £300 by at least two other dealers

Furthermore I do not expect to find that part of what you want me to pay to have done isn't even scheduled to be done until either 40K miles or 6 years and that therefore what I need to get done now actually will cost just £240. :eek::angry:

Lastly, I am not interested in you "price matching". I expect that in return for me being a loyal/regular customer that when I ring you up to ask for a service price I get given a competitive and correct price and that you don't waste my time (or yours) by, for want of a better term, trying to rob me of over £100. :censor:

I shouldn't be surprised I suppose - the same dealer offered me a trade in of about £7.5K against my last Verso. Traded it at another dealer for nearer £10K. B)

It pays to make some calls.

That is all, rant over.

(I feel better now :) )

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That's a big difference. If you have the energy/inclination, write to their general manager and complain. Might get a free interim service out of it!!


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