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Et30 Ok?

Dan H

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Guys, how y'all doin? Ive been offered some rather lovely 17's and tyres for virtually %$( all cash, thing is they're ET30, not 35. They have the usual PCD of 114.whatever but im worried about the offset. Tyres are 205/40 and 215/40. Cheers guys, Dan

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blatant theft from : http://www.tyresave.co.uk/fitment.html

Here are the basic details ..

Offset -- C/Bore

35...38 -- 60.0

PCD stands for Pitch Circle Diameter


OFFSET is often referred to as ET which stands for Einpress Tieffe in German


So the oly problem I could see is the 30 offset may mean your rims hit the suspension arms .. on the front there isn't much room, especially at full lock.

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