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My52 Plate Avens Has Gone Wrong :'(

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Hi all,

Found this forum last night while tormenting myself with Google, i bought a 52 plate avensis last November and since then have had 10k miles of happy motoring. it burned through 1.4 litres of Oil in the 10k miles i have had it. anyways, took it in for service last week had the brakes fixed while i was at it.

Last night on the way home sitting at 75 mph on the motorway happily cruising home listening to the radio Hang on a minute thats an odd knocking noise, turned off the radio and heard the most god awful thunking knocking noise from under the bonnet, pulled onto the hardshoulder as the car cut out :(

its now sitting at my local garage for them to identify the fault, i have an awful feeling its going to be something nasty.

anyways while i was reading this forum last night i clocked a few threads about the 1.8vvti Oil burning and big end failure threads, does anyone know if i would have hope of getting my car repaired by Toyat under the super secret 7 year/ 100k warrenty for these engines? (or am i screwed given its a 52 plate) it has a full service history the last service was 58,000 miles last week.?

thanks in advance for any replies will update the thread later on once the garage get back to me.

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Sorry to hear about your car

There is nothing super secret with the extended warranty, it is well documented. I would assume your car is 8 years old now, in which case you would not be able to make a claim, from my past experience, the extended warranty period does not get extended again, you could always write to Toyota and see if they will contribute towards costs but I doubt it TBH

Hope you manage to get sorted

Kingo :thumbsup:

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