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Christmas Meal Attendees + Menu


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the dawesy posse have paid and our food is as follows:


prawn cocktail

Braised beef



prawn cocktail


cheese cake.

cheers les :thumbsup:

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Thanks for letting me know guys, I'll update the list tomorrow when I recover from a 1:00am start and a glass or two of red after getting home ;)

........and for those who haven't sorted the deposit out yet, please let me know if you still want the rooms reserving :thumbsup:

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Fran doesn't know what to wear!

Well IF this goes ahead am thinking I will trash one of Les's shirts (why do my own clothes!) n put over 'shredded' cut offs (got some old ones!) with an old belt tied round waist -

Oh AND I am bringing nice gear to prob change into after dinner!!! That way we both get to do what we want :yahoo:

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Thanks once again for those attending this years party :thumbsup:

Can I just say that there are still a couple who have not paid their deposits yet or put a meal order in, unfortunately there is one member who has had to pull out of this years event :( I will be cancelling the rooms of this and any others not booked by next weekend, this is only fair to the hotel owners as this is a popular venue, to hold on to rooms not used would a/ be unfair and b/ cost me money :shutit:

If you are one of those still undecided acn I ask if you can let me know either way before next weekend if possible ;)



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