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Rattle/increased Noise At 2,500Rpm

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Hello all,

Ive got a really annoying rattle/increase noise around 2500rpm, its 100% not the clutch/gearbox

the whole car moves and until about 3000rpm then it goes above that RPM

Common Issue?

Any ideas? Heatshield?



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'the' heatshield suggests only 1 and as far as i know there are multiple heatshields. someone with more knowledge will hopefully trundle along and tell you the exact shield. sorry i couldnt be of more help...

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A mate of mine has a T spirt that had very similar problems to yours it took us 3 months to work this one out and it turned out to be a fault with the inlet manifold causing a loud vibration. (i've found one or two other posts on this forum that will back this up) anyway we changed the manifold (easy DIY job) and it's sorted. :rolleyes:

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Have you recently had it service by any chance?

I ask because the clips that hold on the trays under the engine are one time use only and they may have snapped and a panel is rattling.

If it's a metallic rattle then it could be one of several exhaust heat shields...

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I'm having similar symptoms :

- rattle ( bit like a harley davidson ) when accelerating,

- rattle frequency not linked to speed or rev

- no rattle when car is stationary or revving the engine with clutch pressed

- car drivres normal, had a full service recently

any idea?


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our t sport had a rattle at low revs as well and i thought it was the heat shields etc, theres a support bar half way down the tunnel not connected to the exhaust, just bolted either side of the tunnel, ours was rattling against that particularly when the engine was cold, i just bent it down about half an inch

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Had a problem with rattling around 3200rpm on two 2002/3 Corolla 1.4 VVTi models I owned. Turned out to be a very common problem with the plastic inlet manifold. Not sure if using correct terminology but think it was a baffle inside the manifold that over time would come lose and start to vibrate at certain RPMs. Apparently it isn't doing the car any damage- is simply an annoying noise.

The first Corolla was under warranty so got Toyota to replace manifold for free. The second Corolla was out of warranty and got quoted a few hundred to fix so I found a fix by doing a google search that involved drilling hole in manifold and inserting a screw to hold the baffle in place. The noise went away as a result and there have been no issues with the car since.

I originally thought it wasn't a smart idea to start drilling holes in the engine but the website I found had photos and clear instructions on where to drill and what size of screw to use etc and a lot of people had had success with it so I gave it a go and it worked brilliantly.

Rattling noise in Toyota Corolla intake manifold solved | Dominika & Janez

This is the link though unfortunately when I tried it there it wouldn't open anymore. Try googling it and see if you can find anything.

Or if you prefer the safer more expensive option, just replace the manifold, a Toyota mechanic told me there was a modified manifold made that shouldn't develop the issue.

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