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Engine Warning Light

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Engine warning light stays on after start up on my avensis 1.8 vvti vermont 52 plate.

What are likely causes and faults?

Their is no miss firing and no apparent loss of power, Oil and water levels are fine.

Handbook states take to Toyota dealer.

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I've just posted a topic about this and I hope you have better luck than I have had with this problem.

Garage changed my Catalyser then later the engine management light came on - they changed an oxygen sensor (pre cat) but the light came on again, this time apparently it was Fuel Trims but again it came back on and they diagnosed another oxygen sensor, this time post cat as they call it. 500 miles later the light came on yet again. I put in in today and the diagnosis is Random Misfire. I expect it will be on again soon :eek:

So I suppose it could be lots of things, but from what I've read, oxygen sensors are the prime culprit.

Good luck


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I had the engine warning light come on on my 1.8 vvti vermont X plate a few years ago. The car seemed to be working fine, so I reset the light once or twice (I forget which fuse to remove). Unfortunately the light always came back on after a few weeks and eventually I took it to the Toyota garage. They replaced an oxygen sensor (that was the code, apparently), but the light still came on again. Next time they replaced the air-flow sensor and that fixed it. I realised in hind-sight that the throttle pick-up had deteriorated (So much for the technology - I think a half decent car mechanic should have spotted it)

In hindsight I should have bought a reader to diagnose the codes myself.

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