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Yaris 2000 - Cold Start Stuttering

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Hey everyone,

A colleague of mine pointed me to these forums and I've already read a lot of interesting stuff about this neat little car. I own a Yaris 1.0L Linea Sol (year 2000) for about a year now and I’ve been enjoying the car a lot.

However , lately I’ve been having a minor issue. Because the Yaris revs up to +-1300 rpm (cold start) I only use the clutch to drive away from my parking spot before I change to second gear. Lately I've experienced "stuttering" or "juttering" (I really don't know how to describe it, the front shakes a bit) when using the clutch on a cold start and low temperatures outside whilst leaving my parking spot and I'm not sure what it is. I would like to know if there is a relative simple solution for this issue or if I have to visit a garage to check it out.

Any information is appreciated.

- Marius

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Low on fuel? My facelifted T- Sport stutters when its low on fuel, when I saw low, I mean, 3-4 bars. I also only use clutch when starting as it kicks up to 2,100 rpm

If not, then it's probably just needs a basic service or something as simple as changing the plugs.

May be hard to fix it first go as the problem could be caused by a number of things!

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Sounds like clutch judder, mine sometimes does it when the weather starts going colder, but once warmed up it's fine.

Nothing to worry about if it only does it now & then in cold mornings. If the clutch starts to slip or is hard to change gear, then i would have it checked.

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[if clutch judder has only recently started, one of the many exhaust barckets may have corroded through : especially the one after the gearbox...

Had that with son's Yaris. 5 mins welding solved it.

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Mine's pretty much always done this when the car's stone cold.

The one exception is when the car's just been serviced (My service date is in winter), where it's perfectly fine.

I suspect it's related to the 'climbing bite-point' issue I've posted about before.

I've found I can mitigate it by engaging the clutch even more gently while feeding in a touch more power.

If you can do it without excessive outlay, it might be worth having the clutch/brake fluid changed to see if that helps.

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