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Handfree On The New Toyota T Series


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I have the toyota approved hands free kit and have used it for 6 mnoths plus. It fits on LHS of central console and blends in OK. Beware if you have electric seats passenger seat can crash into it! Am using it with the Nokia 6310 only prob screenon phone quite far away so being mature and short sighrted have difficulty reading the phone........ otherwise works very well mutes the radio etc....

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Which hands-free kit are you looking at? The reason I ask is becuase Toyota offer 3 versions that they call the THF15, the THF25 and the THF35. All of these use the same mounting kit that julncamp described (colour coded console on LHS of centre console).

If I were you I wouldn't bother with the THF15 kit as this is a basic system that has a separate speaker and doesn't use the vehicles audio syste (but it is a lot cheaper). The THF25 and 35 are very similar except for the fact that the THF35 has a voicedial facility. This allows you to dial a name or a number using you voice (quite cool system when you see it work as it is voice independant so anyone can get in the car and use it) and is activated by a remote control. Both of these systems use the vehicle audio (mute radio and come out os speakers) but obviously the THF35 is more expensive....both work well as well and of course you get the bonus of a three year warranty from Toyota :thumbsup:

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