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Rear Springs Sitting Low Under Load


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I'm wondering what I can do about it.

I've been carting around a lot of camping/cooking gear in the hatchback and it is sitting a bit low when loaded - taking the not extravagant weight involved into account.

It's an 04 plate and has only done 50k with light use from previous owner so I doubt the springs are knackered - it passed the MOT o'k and I doublechecked with the tester that the springs and shocks were fine - plus it doesn't bottom out if I take a speed hump too fast.

The rear height is reasonable when unladen.

I've carried similar gear in much earlier cars such as the Rover SD1 and Ford Granada without them sitting so low.

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we had same problem last year when doing annual summer camping trip to cornwall.fully loaded car 2 adults 3 kids 1 large roofbox,a boot full and towing a trailer tent her ***** was on the floor.luckily we always nip in to see family at bristol for a couple of days.when we were there looked at options to raise the back end and opted for spring assistors as they were a cheap option and can fit your self within 1/2hour took longer to heat them up in a saucepan than fitting them very easy with lots of washing up liquid and only cost 30 quid for the pair.back end still abit low when going camping but the spring assistors raised the back end by 2-3"

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Thanks, I already googled the rubber spring assistors and some commenters felt that because they only beefed up the middle section of the springs, they weakened the other sections of the spring and did not rate them for anything beyond occasional use, such as towing or a short holiday.

Guess I'll have to get heavier duty springs - what is a reasonable fitting cost? Any particular motor factors recommended?

I have seen internal spring assistors advertised but they are a very steep £160 unfitted.


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