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Headlight Bulb/fog Light / Number Plate Bulb Size!

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Hello everyone!

I have a 05 TS, can someone tell me what size bulbs are for the following:

Headlight Bulb?

Sidelight? guess 501?

Rear number plate lights, i think 501 again...?

Fog light bulb? HB4 also known as 9006 am not sure can someone confirm please!

Front map light, interior light bulb size?

Interior light bulb size in middle?

Boot light - prob 501's again not sure. help!

Rear lights - indicator - reverse bulb - brake bulb sizes ?

Thats pretty much it ! Im a big fan of HID as you may already notice :yahoo:

I am looking to upgrade all the bulbs to xenon Hid effect etc, if not get some HID kit 6-8k colour, for both headlight and fog lights.

Your help will be appreciated ! :thumbsup:

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Interior "map" bulbs: BA9S (T4W 233)

Trunk: 38mm festoon (269)

Thanks for your help! Does the front map light need one T4W bulb or two? Also is the bulb size same for the centre light??

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