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Lose Of Audio Sound From Car Stereo

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Hi all,

Newbie here :rolleyes:

I recently bought myself a Yaris which came with stock cd player and decided to install a connects2 Aux adaptor (Connects 2 CTVTYX001) to my Yaris 02, this basically utilised the cd changer and the dash controls…however I’ve recently noticed a problem which I hope anyone here can help, basically once in a while during driving the sound to the Speakers starts to go very quiet and then there is now sound and this affects the Aux adaptor, cd player and radio, what’s weird is that I have to turn the engine off and then restart for it to go back to normal before it again plays up. I'm not sure if this is related to the power needed, but I have checked all the connections and it all looks how it should.

Any help is deeply appreciated

[update: this is a follow up to ]

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