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T-Sport Wheel Refurb - New Colour?


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15" wheels are small avoided making them look even smaller by going for a cool black/gun-metal but your choice that would suit 16" alloys.

I recommend either keeping your T-Sport standard as anything else would mean you are spending money to lessen the value of your car. I never by a non-standard looking car as you know the driver in the past has been a bit of erm.... :censor:

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wow... who invited buzz killington above...

lots of people have done this, most people go for gunmetal/anthracite.

Colours I've seen on the Tsport: Grey/gunmetals, black, white, pink, green, silver, polished bare metal, orange.

can grab you a pic of any of those colours from ANOTHER forum. What Colour is your car? certain colours look better with others.

Oh and ANY colour will look better than horrible bubbly corroded brown.

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do you fancy white? white always looks good on red cars (depends on if you can be bothered to keep cleaning them)

from the above the gunmetal look the best. also try the white/black with a red rim, using rim tape.

Found this:


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Naaa I don't get it. Screems chav at me even though I admit prefer gun metal alloys on all cars and one day I beleive they will be standard on many cars.

I am old now and stuck in my contradicting views. I even replaced the gold alloys of my old scooby for silver and the exhaust for quieter one!

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Red T-Sport looks best i think with some lovely SR wheels (like mine) in the standard sparkly silver with 195/50/15 tyres. :thumbsup:

Black with red pin stripe as mentioned will be good aswell.

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