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Liam Boyle

Very Poor Mpg

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Hi All, just new here but figured you good people would know where to point me in the right direction.

I have a 2003 Avensis 1.8vvti T2 version which now has 103000 mils on the clock. I purchased the car April 2009, and i was getting maybe 420-450 miles on a full tank of petrol, where the trip computer showing an average of about 42-48mpg.

About 10 months ago, while on a long trip approx 160 miles, the amber engine light came on, but the car was still running fine, everything seemed to be grand no loss of power or mileage anything like that. It was at the time it was due its next service, so i assumed it was the service light. Anyway I drove with it for a few months until April then The mileage from a full tank of Petrol just got really bad.

I booked the car in for a service at Toyota - as were all the previous Services - when I got it back the light was still on - they said it showed a general error and would take 4hours on the diagnostics machine @£75ph - I do not have that money to spend.

Any way the fuel consumption has been getting worse and is now at the point where i get 320 miles to a full tank of petrol. That is regardless if it is all motorway miles, short distances, longer distances, can not get it over 350miles.

The thing that is really annoying is the trip computer it still shows an average of 45mpg. it does fluctuate a little but not much. Also the miles left till empty is never right, if i drive 1-2 miles it reckons i have done about 8.

I also have to fill Oil every month as it is always empty.

Anyways thanks for reading, is there anything i cane do to sort it out.


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